Introducing Arcade City v6

Arcade City v6 App

We're excited to announce this month's launch of the Arcade City v6 app for web and mobile, featuring:

  • A global marketplace for unstoppable peer-to-peer services: rides, deliveries and more
  • Integrated Lightning wallets enabling service providers and consumers to easily transact in Bitcoin
  • Revenue-sharing incentives allowing anyone in the world to get paid Bitcoin to help grow their local Arcade City network

You can sign up now for early access — just enter your email address here. We'll onboard users in waves starting this week.

Building the Services Layer of Bitcoin

We believe that all imaginable services can and should be provided peer-to-peer with no government involvement.

That includes transportation, deliveries, housing, food, finance, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, governance, and more.

Because governments are broken. All people have a right to exit broken systems.

First they need a destination to exit to. We call that The Bitcoin Economy.

In Michael Saylor's six-layer model of the Bitcoin economy, Arcade City is building layer six — the services layer.

We've written previously about our pivot to Bitcoin-only.

Arcade City will bootstrap layer six by first delivering decentralized Uber, building on our successful flagship rideshare network in Austin.

We aim to liberate and empower millions of service providers around the world, providing a level of service the old fiat institutions cannot compete with.

We've already seen the power of this model on a small scale in Austin. And now we've finally figured out how to bottle up that magic and export it to the world.

We hope you'll join us.

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