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Rides, deliveries and more. All peer-to-peer — powered by Bitcoin.

No corporate BS, no government permission slips.

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Introducing Guilds

The power of cooperatives

We've built in Austin, Texas the world's first and only peer-to-peer rideshare+delivery network owned and operated by its drivers. It's a scalable model of resilient community self-organization that we're now expanding globally.

Learn more in this case study of Arcade City Austin from the Sustainable Economies Law Center. Then decide: will you join a guild or create your own?

Bitcoin Only

The power of real money

Unstoppable peer-to-peer commerce needs unstoppable money. That's called Bitcoin.

And now thanks to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin can move at the speed of light.

Hey drivers: Why wait a week to get paid, when you can be paid instantly in the best money to ever exist?

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