Bitcoin Only


Old-world institutions are collapsing before our eyes.

Millions of people suffer for lack of alternatives to the old systems — a number sure to grow as instability spreads.

A new world must be built now.

Contours of that new world are becoming clear:

- War will be obsolete.

- Wealth will be un-stealable.

- Nation-states will be decentralized or dissolved.

- All people will be included.

Now you have a choice to make: Will you help — and how?

Our Bitcoin Pivot

The sole focus of Arcade City since 2016 has been unstoppable peer-to-peer commerce.

Our core principle: Any two consenting adults should be able to connect peer-to-peer and transact however they want — needing no one's permission.

When Uber and Lyft ditched Austin for a year in 2016 and put 10,000 drivers out of a job, we entered the market and organized an independent driver cooperative that still operates today.

Our challenge has always been: how do we bottle up the magic of our Austin network and scale it to the world?

It's been seven years since the Ethereum founders talked a big game about building a world computer that could power decentralized Uber. They haven't and probably never will — at least not in time to help the many drivers struggling today.

Many people in the "blockchain" space are focused on helping the crypto rich get richer, emphasizing first-world luxuries like digital art or asset swaps or arbitrary virtual worlds.

Meanwhile it is the Bitcoin community leading the charge into new countries like El Salvador, offering financial inclusion to millions who have been otherwise forgotten.

Arcade City similarly aims to liberate and empower millions of service providers around the world, especially in areas ignored by legacy corporations and governments.

We believe the Bitcoin ecosystem to be our rightful home.

Building on Bitcoin

Bitcoin's layer three, built on top of the Lightning Network, is already supporting decentralized applications featuring instant payments, encrypted messaging, and uncensorable peer-to-peer interactions.

Arcade City is building on Bitcoin's layer three starting now. Watch:

No castle should be built on shifting sands.

Arcade City is building on Bitcoin.

Stay tuned.